>What is it?
An inventory of any and all intellectual property you own, such as copyrights, trademarks, patents, ideas, trade secrets, and /or your right of publicity.

>Why is an Audit important?
It gives you an idea of what intellectual property rights you have to protect and what rights you may have inadvertently given away, through contracts and other documents you signed without knowing it. It also let’s you know if you’re infringing someone else’s rights without knowing it.

>Who should perform your Audit?
You can perform a cursory Audit yourself by reviewing your personal files and documents; or you can hire a professional who is knows exactly what to look for and is willing to spend the time it might take to complete the Audit.

>What do you look for?
You’re looking for copyrights trademarks, patents, trade secrets, or any other protectable intellectual property you might own. For example, review contracts or anything remotely resembling an agreement that you signed. Look for articles, books, workbooks you’ve written, either alone or with someone else; look for photographs you’ve taken, business methods or processes.

>How long does it take?
It depends on how extensive your personal or company file is and how thoroughly you want to delve into it; and whether you’re interested in knowing about everything of value you own or just a few items..

>What to do with the info?
It’s up to you. Recommendations can be made as to how to protect your work, such as through copyright, trademark, and patent registration and protective agreements, such as confidentiality agreements.

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