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Invincible CD

Times Square Productions 

Every now and then, you find yourself in a room full of people who want you to "Check this out!" Such was the case for me back in July when I attended the 8th annual 'ZlneFest at the Go/den App/e on Melrose.

People were handing out all kinds of stuff, CDs, books, 'zines, flyers. When I got home I checked out my pile of stuff and in it I found this gem, this CD called Invincible by a band called Kanary.

Ordinarily, I'm reviewing stuff like Leo Smith or Stig (because my tastes tend to teeter on the edge), not girly bands or even rocky bands. But Kanary, guided by singer/songwriter Leslie Knauer, has some great tunes with those catchy lyrics that allowed the likes of the Go-Go's and Cyndi Lauper to ride to the top back in the day.

I particularly liked '/ Can't Even Think About Marriage" and "Train of Thought." You can get info on this CD by calling Times Square Productions at (213) 876-7487.

Take a listen, you might be surprised.







CD by Kanary (Times Square Productions)

It is always such a joy to slip in a CD I am totally unfamiliar with, and the first thing out the speakers is... words! Invincible starts off with a (mostly) spoken piece called "I can't even think about getting Married." While the rest of the material is more traditional song format, the initial impression is still fulfilled. Invincible contains some of the most clever, original and thoughtful lyrics I have heard in a longtime.

The first cut also sets the thematic mood: "I can't even think about getting married...but then again, I do.../but then again, no one has asked me to..." This CD is about the contradictions and ambiguities of being a woman in the '90's, described through the eye of a realist, not a political theorist. Actually, let me amend that. While told from a woman's perspective, these songs apply to anyone who finds their life filled with more questions than answers. Topics covered range from the question of God ("Someone's Listening," "She Is Saved") through love and its lack ("Invincible," "Train of Thought~) to poking through a friend's closet ("Mary's Clothes"). Leslie Knauer's lyrics sometimes nail the subject down, and sometimes wander way off track (one song is even subtitled "0 G I'm Rambling"), but always remain intelligent and entertaining. I could fill up this page quoting favorite lines, but fill just give you my favorite: "We are every little girl who/lifts her skirt to/hide her face." It's a clear image we have all seen plus a gorgeous metaphor when applied to certain adult behavior. Musically, this is classic rock, in the best sense. There was a period in the late '60's whet rock was simply rock, in all its glorious variety. Then it started subdividing, into prog-rock, folk-rock, country-rock, and then.., well, you know the story. This is simply rock, classic but not at all dated, fresh, fun, original.

I can't recommend Invincible highly enough. Also, keep your eyes out for dates by Kanary; they are a So Cal band, and do play regularly around town.

-- G. Murray Thomas

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